Professional façade plays an inevitable role in attracting clients, which directly signifies more business. The idea is to install aesthetic installations and provide ultimate security to the buildings that can give protection and make potential clients. Think of a building as a client and you can surely picture a nice façade with curtain walling installation instead of regular bricks and cement. This impressive feature of any high-rise or low-rise building allures the people who wish to associate with your business in some way. But, the biggest question of all the times in this regard is ‘Which is the best type of curtain walling installation for a particular commercial building’? If you are in the same confusion, let’s figure it out today via this comprehensive comparison of two main types of such installation.

Unitized Curtain Walling Installation System

First things first, unitized curtain walling installation works great in the case of tall or high-rise buildings. The methods used for these installations are enclosed and the process of installation is quite quick. The reason behind this speed is all the parts of the wall are assembled at the factory and a complete structure is brought to the construction site. The only challenge here is the transportation of this big assemblage other than this the entire process quite feasible. Nationwide Curtain Wall’s exclusively manufactured unitized curtain wall is going to add charm to your big buildings where you wish to give good external impressions and safeguard the interiors from outside effects.

Stick-built Curtain Walling Installation System

Another type is known as stick-built curtain walling installation, which is renowned for the low-rise building. This is one of the great requirements for the small building owners who prefer an easy process of transportation to the site. Only the components are manufactured in the factory, but the entire interlocking process takes place at the construction site. There is a requirement for significant labor at the building site as 70 percent of the work has to be done on the construction site. This is considered the most economical type of curtain walling installation. Nationwide Curtain Wall ensures the highest quality of the system reaches the site of construction and remains like this with regular maintenance assistance.

These are the main types of curtain walling installation that you can consider according to your business site requirement. For any kind of query, feel free to reach us on or call us on 0161-9148225. We are happy to assist you.

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