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Curtain Walling Contractors in London

Affordable and Professional Curtain Walling Contractors in London

Whether you are renovating your old premises or have recently bought a new place, you need to pay close attention to the exteriors of your structure. An installation should be done in a way that your customers and employees feel comfortable working within an enclosed area. That is why curtain walling installation is the right choice for your structure. Such an installation is very lightweight and does not put any weight on your structure. The work is to be done precisely and professional curtain walling contractors in London are employed for this job. Curtain walling installation uses glass along with an aluminium framework to give a top-to-bottom glass finish to your structure at all costs. There has been an increase in the demand for curtain walling contractors in London in recent years because such an installation makes your structure stand out from the rest in the best possible way.

Curtain wall glazing stands as a pivotal element in contemporary architectural design and involves the integration of glass elements into curtain wall systems, and it profoundly influences the aesthetics and performance of a structure.
Curtain wall glazing provides architects with a canvas to balance natural light, visibility, and energy efficiency. It allows for the use of various glass types, such as insulated, or laminated glass, to meet specific performance and design objectives. These glass selections are not merely about aesthetics; they also play an important role in achieving sustainability goals. Through the use of advanced glazing technologies, curtain wall glazing contributes to energy efficiency by balancing thermal insulation and soundproofing, reducing a building’s environmental footprint. It also enhances the well-being of building occupants by creating spaces that are not only visually appealing but also comfortable and pleasant. Curtain wall glazing is the basis of modern architectural innovation, shaping the skyline with structures that unite beauty, functionality, and sustainability.
Nationwide Curtain Wall provides reliable curtain walling installation for your structure at an affordable cost. We make sure that everything is done as per our client’s needs and requirements. We aim to achieve a 100% customer satisfaction rate. If you want to go for customization in your curtain walling installation, we’ll be happy to come out with a plan that suits your needs.

Benefits of Hiring Curtain Walling Contractors

If you have finally made up your mind to go for curtain walling installation, then it is always advised to take the help of professionals as this is a big installation in terms of time and money. So, the best you can do is to go for curtain walling contractors for your installation needs.

  • They are knowledgeable

For a layman, a curtain walling system is just a top-to-bottom glass installation. Curtain walling contractors know about all the parameters and dimensions of such an installation. They hold proper knowledge about the type of curtain walling that will go with your building and come out with a plan that is within your budget.

  • No compromise on quality

When you hire reliable curtain walling contractors, you are assured that you are getting high-quality material in your installation process. They use materials that do not let air and water penetrate your structure and keep it safe from harsh weather conditions.

  • Professional skills

When you go for curtain walling installation with the help of curtain walling contractors. Then you’ll benefit from their vast experience and pool of ideas. They are well-versed in the latest industry trends and offer perfection.

Types Of Curtain Walling Installation

There are two types of curtain walling installation prevalent these days- stick system of curtain walls and unitised system of curtain walls.

Stick System of Curtain Walling

In this type of curtain walling system, the panels are assembled piece by piece on the construction site. That is the reason, stick curtain walling installation is good for small-rise and mid-rise buildings. This is a flexible installation because it allows onsite adjustments. As the panels are assembled on the construction site, this type of installation takes more time to get installed. Moreover, the labor cost is also high.

Unitised System of Curtain Walling

In this system of curtain walling installation, parts are pre-assembled in the factory and are then brought to the construction site. The panels are bought as a single unit and are then installed. That is the reason, unitised curtain walling installation is popular in high-rise buildings and offers quick installation. Therefore, the labor cost and time consumption are less.
Have faith in us and just watch how amazing your curtain walling installation will look with our qualified and trained curtain walling contractors.

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