If you have seen any mid-rise commercial building, you must have observed the curtain walling on it, presumably made with the stick system. These curtain walls are steadily gaining popularity throughout the globe as they are associated with advancement and are taken as a symbol of modernity. These glossy curtain walls are known to give a chic and modish look to any building, which is why you see them everywhere nowadays.

Best practices for considering Stick System Curtain Walling

Be it malls, office complexes, or other commercial spaces, every building seems to be spotting a curtain wall. It might surprise you to know this but these curtain walls are actually non-structural to the building. What does that mean, you ask? It simply means that they are just an exterior facade to the building. So, a curtain wall installation, made of a stick system or otherwise is non-essential to the architecture of the building where they are installed. This means that these installations are in no way bearing the load of the building. Instead, it is the other way around. A curtain wall is dependent on the floor lines of the building for bearing its weight. So, why are they even there if they are non-functional for the building is the question that arises then? In simple words, they are an effective way to erect a barrier between the outside factors and the inside of the building. It is simply a way to protect the occupants and belongings of the building from environmental factors.

A stick system curtain walling is the process in which the components of the curtain wall are assembled piece by piece on the project building. Since this system requires more labour and usually takes a lot more time than the other system, it is generally considered best for low to mid-rise buildings, and not large-scale high-rise projects. One of the biggest advantages of this system is that it allows greater flexibility in the work. Since each piece is assembled separately, any time a component requires some degree of individualization, it can be easily done and that too, on the site itself. This system will also typically have a low shipping cost because most of the work is done onsite. Stick system curtain wall installation is commonly popular in small regions where the scale of the project is small and also has easy labour access. We have served many clients for large and small-scale projects alike over our 20 years of service. We take pride in creating curtain walls from the best material available in the industry and delivering projects on time.

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