If you live in a growing city, you must have come across big buildings with Curtain Walling Installations. Doesn’t ring a bell? If you are unaware, a curtain wall is an outer covering of the building which is non-structural to a building. In basic terms, the outer wall can also be called a frame whose only function is to simply be a barrier between the natural elements outside the building and the occupants inside the building. As previously mentioned, they are non-structural i.e. they are not functioning to support the building in any way and are almost facade like, except for their protection from the environmental factors. Nationwide Curtain Wall has over 20 years of experience in the industry and works solely to deliver excellence in each of our projects. A curtain walling installation can be of chiefly only 2 types, known as a curtain wall system. Its types are Unitised Curtain Walling and Stick Curtain Walling. Although the end results of both these systems are the same, the process of how this result is delivered varies. The manufacturing and installing of the end result differ in the two systems due to the different needs of different clients and their buildings, both the systems work best in distinct scenarios. The main thing to focus on should be that the end result just turns out fantastic. We will help you achieve exactly that.

Installing a curtain wall is not a short process. As with building anything architecturally, it’s a delicate and, often, lengthy process. On top of that, it is mostly buildings with a high-rise design that require a curtain wall, so the work process is also dependent on the building’s size. Simply said, the bigger the project, the lengthier the process. Since it is a non-structural installation, it is made of lighter materials. This effectively reduces the cost of construction for the building, make it a cost-efficient decision. Most of these projects make use of these materials to make a curtain wall, which are Aluminium, Glass and Steel. Installing a curtain wall as mentioned previously is an intricate job, and since it is largely done for large-scale projects, it is important to choose the best installer for the work. We take pride in doing a job perfectly, that’s how we have built our business. With us, you can rest assured that every service you get will only be world-class with every project being made from the best industrial-grade quality and also delivered on time.

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